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What Is An Emergency Pet Hospital?

All pets are part of the family and sometimes tragedy strikes our loved ones. At an Orlando Emergency pet hospital they are usually equipped and trained well to handle all pet and animal emergencies. Most veterinarian clinics, they offers emergency pet care from the least to the most complex and sever cases of pet health issues. Here are some of the most common reasons you might want to keep and might need to bring your four legged friend to an emergency pet hospital:

Pet struck by a vehicle
As soon as an animal has been hit by a vehicle, the first thing to do is that the animal should be safely removed from the roadway as carefully and quickly as possible to keep the dog, the owner, and oncoming traffic safe from further accidents. Once your animal is moved, it should be checked to see if it is breathing, and if not CPR should be started right away. Wrap the wounded animal in a towel and rush to Emergency Pet hospital in Orlando. The veterinarian will check your pet’s injuries through blood tests, x-rays, and sometimes ultrasound.

Bite Wounds or Burn Injuries
Burns can be caused by a variety of household items, including electrical equipment and chemicals. Very light burns can be treated at home and only cause superficial damage. Once your pet has been burned it is extremely important that you identify the source and try to remove it whether its heat, chemical, or electric. Next you should apply a steady cold stream of water and try to calm the pet and apply a cold compress for at least twenty minutes then make sure to cover the area with a non-stick bandage. The more severe burns, the more it needs medical attention that can be treated when you go to Emergency Pet Hospital in Orlando FL.

Pet refusal to eat or drink
Decreased appetite in animals is often a sign of sickness. Especially your four legged friend is acting lethargic even when offered their favorite treat is offered. Although a loss of appetite in dogs doesn’t always mean a serious disease, prompt visit to Emergency Pet Hospital in Orlando FL, is important to rule out any significant illness, including cancer, viral infections, dental disease, pain, liver problems, and kidney failure. In the meantime offer your animal pedilyte or put a small amount of maple syrup on gums to keep sugars up.

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