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Emergency Pet Hospitals Play a Vital Role

If your best friend is in need of emergency medical care, you would go to any lengths to get them the best care and fast. Just like the local ER for adults, man’s best friend, your dog or cat, can utilize emergency pet hospitals that are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic technologies and experienced vet specialists that can administer for the majority of pet emergencies. Some of these facilities are open to receiving walk-in emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are staffed by surgical specialists, diagnostic technicians and veterinary critical care nurses that can provide the highest possible quality emergency care during your visit.

Some of the most common pet conditions that warrant a visit to the veterinary emergency room include:

– uncontrolled bleeding
– respiratory distress
– profuse vomiting that cannot be suppressed
– diarrhea that continues beyond 48 hours
– labor and delivery challenges that could be life threatening
– severe eye injuries
– rapid weight loss challenges that cannot be explained or resolved at home

All of these extreme circumstances may require immediate medical attention and you should at least consult with your family vet as soon as they appear to be a problem.

Below are a few pet travel tips that you might want to consider while in route to your animal’s medical center, some pet first aid items that may be helpful, and the emergency contact information for your pet’s veterinary specialist.

– Make sure that you have the information about any pet insurance you may have and the basic information you may know about your pet that includes breed, sex, age and any medical history that may be helpful.

– If you are currently staying in a pet-friendly accommodation while out of town with your pet, it is helpful to have the contact information of the hotel, motel or the family you are staying with.

– If your pet has vomiting or has diarrhea, it would be best that you do not give him water or food a few hours to see if the problem will subside. And you prepare the car seats with plastic coverings such as painting drop cloths, tarp or even plastic trash bags for the ride to the facility.

Crisis medical events with your pet never happen on a schedule. Having the contact information of the emergency pet hospital in New Jersey that you most prefer readily available can be most helpful. Your family’s animal medical center would have a list of facilities that are properly equipped for emergencies. It is important the clinic you select is connected with a veterinary laboratory in Phila that can process blood samples and diagnostic tests quickly. Some procedures can be scheduled in advance such as your dog’s knee surgery in Mercer County. In this case, your family pet vet in Philadelphia can recommend a specialist in orthopedic surgeries and you will have time to prepare for the traveling to and from the surgical center. Any advanced preparation can be vital for a more positive experience for your pet emergencies in the future.

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