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Club Pet International

Club Pet is Northern Virginia’s finest indoor / outdoor boarding facility. The choice of a boarding facility should be based upon the selected criteria that offers you the most peace of mind and the features you feel are desirable for the health and well being of your own pet. There are numerous pet boarding facilities available, but not all may place the welfare of your pet above other considerations! With few exceptions, today’s companion animals have been raised within a home environment and have shared the loving care and amenities of family life. Separating them from their familiar surroundings can be a traumatic experience. As a pet owner you have the obligation and the right to demand good accommodations and professional care.

Club Pet is the ultimate pet care boarding facility in the Washington Metropolitan area. Located in Chantilly Virginia, Club Pet offers a unique concept in an Animal Care Facility. We know that the selection of a temporary home for our pet is an important decision. Club Pet provides your pet with a comfortable and caring atmosphere. It has the finest accommodations and services available anywhere, staffed by professionals in the pet care industries for over 20 years. Our main goal is to provide exceptional service, care, and safety for your pets. So for your pet’s protection, we require all of our guest to be free of fleas and ticks, as well as current on all vaccinations. As a member of the American Boarding Kennels Association, Club Pet acknowledges and accepts the serious responsibility required in the care of your pet, after all, he is an valued part of the family! As part of that responsibility, we maintain membership in the A.B.K.A. and are committed to operate Club Pet in accordance with the A.B.K.A. Bill of Rights for Boarded Pets. We have a trained and certified staff that will cater to your pet’s needs. all of our staff are committed to the A.B.K.A. Code of Ethical Conduct. The American Boarding Kennels Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the betterment of the Boarding Kennel Industry. There for, all A.B.K.A. members subscribe to and must run their business in accordance with their mandated Code of Ethics. Kennels with the blue ribbon designation have brought their facilities into compliance with the standards of the A.B.K.A. Voluntary Facilities Accreditation Program and have successfully completed an on-site evaluation by a representative of the A.B.K.A.

Club pet is also Certified by the United States Department of Agriculture, and is a member of I.P.A.T.A.

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